On 29-Feb-2004 Teilhard Knight wrote:
> Just a couple of easy questions for you. Is a machine with an Athlon
> processor 1.4 MHz an i386 machine? And if so, what kind of processor should
> I select in my kernel? i586, or i686?

I use an Athlon here, myself.

In my kernel config, I have:

machine         i386

cpu             I686_CPU                # aka Pentium Pro(tm)

options         CPU_DISABLE_5X86_LSSER
options         CPU_FASTER_5X86_FPU
options         CPU_UPGRADE_HW_CACHE
options         CPU_WT_ALLOC
options         NO_MEMORY_HOLE

And in /etc/make.conf:

CFLAGS= -O -pipe


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