On Sunday, 29 February 2004 at 23:07:47 -0500, William Wong wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm testing vinum on FreeBSD 4.9, currently the mirroring feature.
> I've created a mirror'd volume using 2 hard disks.
> I yanked out one of the hds, and unsurprisingly the mirror kept on going.

Well, that is the intention :-)

> Now to replace the failed drive, I reconnected the drive, fdisk'd,
> disklable'd and change the fstype back to vinum.
> I added the drive in the vinum config, similar to the procedure here:
> http://www.vinumvm.org/vinum/replacing-drive.html
> I tried to start my failed subdisk and it said the device was busy...I set
> the state to obsolete and it still said the device was busy when I tried to
> start the subdisk.
> Is there something I'm doingi wrong?

It's possible that there's something wrong with the description.
Could you please describe in nauseating detail exactly what you did,
and what happened?  Console messages are also important.

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