On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 02:07:03PM -1000, Vincent Poy wrote:

>       I'm planning to upgrade my old apache with a newer version and add
> SSL but I noticed the ports has both apache + modssl as well as apache +
> OpenSSL, are there any differences between the two of them and is one of
> them better than the other?  Thanks.

apache+mod_ssl is my preference, but that's really just me.  Either
will serve you well.  Functionality and configuration file sysntax is
slightly different between the two but that's mostly a matter of
individual preference rather than any organic difference.  One thing
that mod_ssl supplies is the EAPI, which enables a number of other
extensions to apache, such as the ability to define and use variables
within the apache configuration files.

You might be interested to know that mod_ssl is a standard part of
Apache 2.x



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