Rob wrote:

> I think this is because ruby-1.6 used to install /usr/local/bin/ruby, but by
> the recent upgrade this becomes /usr/local/bin/ruby16 and ruby is not there
> anymore. Since portupgrade needs ruby, portupgrade gets stuck as soon as
> upgrading ruby-1.6 removes the /usr/local/bin/ruby file.
> I have removed portupgrade and all related ruby stuff and then reinstalled
> portupgrade, which then installs ruby-1.8. All works well then.

I said that I've reinstalled portupgrade already. And I have no ruby16
installed now, my /usr/local/bin/ruby is a ruby-1.8

novel ~ $> ruby --version
ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i386-freebsd5]
novel ~ $>

-Roman Bogorodskiy

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