> I wanna know if it's possible to install FreeBSD 4.9 on DELL PowerEdge 2300?
> My install failed when the install CD search for Hard Drive, can I have help
> please?

Sure.   We have a several of 2300-s running FreeBSD and most have been 
upgraded to 4.9 (or reinstalled as 4.9).    They have also run 3.2, 4.3 
and 5.1.   I presume the HD is SCSI.   Is it possible that it is not seated 
completely back in to the slot?    Is the disk in slot 0?   (Actually, I 
think it will work in the wrong slot if there are no other disks before 
it, but...)

The only time I have ever had trouble on a 2300 is when a disk was
not seated well and locked in to the slot.

You didn't post much information about what you saw, so it is hard to guess.
Maybe it would help to copy any messages that appear on the screen as it
attempts to boot that might relate to the SCSI controller or the HD.


> Thanks.
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