My environment variables indicate SHELL=/usr/local/bin/bash and
ENV=/home/rperry/.shrc.  My understanding is that bash reads
~/.bashrc for interactive shells and $ENV for non-interactive shells.
I don't have the ~/.bashrc file.  Neither do I have a ~/.bash_profile,
or a ~/.bash_login file.

I also see where the startup files for bash are .profile and .bashrc.
One of the settings in my .profile indicates that ENV=$HOME/.shrc;
export ENV.

I've read where bash will read other files (e.g., .shrc, etc.) when it's own
initialization files are not present but I'd like to set up the appropriate
bash files anyway. I've seen examples of the .bashrc file in some text
but was looking for something from within FreeBSD. I found some
/src/share/skel/dot.* files but none for bash. Can anyone tell me if such
sample files exists and where I might find them? Do I need really need

Thank you.
Bob Perry

I've learned that whatever hits the fan will not be evenly

FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p2 #0

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