On Mar 1, 2004, at 11:36 AM, Guy Van Sanden wrote:
Is firewire fully supported on FreeBSD?

Firewire support has been pretty good, at least for accessing mass storage devices. I haven't beaten on IP-over-Firewire or some of the other capabilities that one might also experiment with....

The disk does have a firewire link, I can buy an addon card for about 30
€, but I wanna make sure that it will work better.

I was seeing about 35 MB/s read and about 20 MB/s using a Maxtor 5000DN external drive via Firewire; this drive also supports USB 2, but at the time I was testing OHCI USB was all that was available to me, not EHCI.

(USB 1 was giving ~1.2 MB/s...)


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