> I recently brought up an old 700MHz P3 4.9 machine and added a 3ware IDE raid 

I had similar behavior on a 5.x-CURRENT machine which was solved by 
moving the IRQs assigned to
cards around; the BIOS set up the SCSI controller, the AGP card, and
the Ethernet card to share the same IRQ and this wasn't working.

If the machine just locks up (are you running X?  Do you have a serial
console attached so crash info stays around?) then my guess is that
it's basically hardware.

> Any ideas for trying to figure out what is wrong with this machine?  

I know very little about IDE or 3ware, so I won't be of much help
there. My hardware is all Supermicro P6DLH/P6DGH and the disks are
all SCSI. I am running one system under 4.9-STABLE using 8 SCSI
drives in 2 vinum RAID arrays and haven't had a peep out of that
machine for a long time, except for sector failures (drives are
EMC surplus).

Mike Squires
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