I have been evaluating FreeBSD as a possible replacement for my RedHat web
server and as a possible desktop. So far I like it except for one issue
that drives me nuts.

But first, my machine. I installed FreeBSD on a Pentium 250 with 512 megs
of ram and about 80 gigs on the hard drive. I currently use this machine
to write code and to upload/download files. I also use The Gimp for very
small image editing projects. The big projects go on my faster machine. In
short, I do not work it hard at all. I am connected to the Internet via
Direcway satellite, which is terrible but the best option where I live.

Most recently I have been running Fedora Core on this machine and running
Nedit, Bluefish, the Gimp and Gftp under Gnome.

I installed FreeBsd 4.9 with fluxbox. Using ports I installed Bluefish(I
was disappointed to see that the most current port was an older version),
Nedit, Nano, Gimp and Gftp. The ports download and compile of these
programs took approximately forever plus 32 seconds. I tried installing
with packages but ran into installation errors.

In frustration I reinstalled Fedora.

I really want to use FreeBSD. I like their philosophy and direction. I
like this mailing list and the handbook is very useful. But if it takes
all day to install relatively small packages, I can't wait... my time has
value too.

Are there any suggestions out there?

Lance Earl

Lance Earl
DallyPost, Inc.
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