I get the following error in my mailog:
> /usr/local/qmailanalog/bin/matchup < /var/log/maillog
#deferral: Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir._(#4.2.1)/

Any thougts on howto resolve this?



> /var/qmail/bin/qmail-showctl

qmail home directory: /var/qmail.
user-ext delimiter: -.
paternalism (in decimal): 2.
silent concurrency limit: 120.
subdirectory split: 23.
user ids: 81, 82, 83, 0, 84, 85, 86, 87.
group ids: 81, 82.

badmailfrom: (Default.) Any MAIL FROM is allowed.

bouncefrom: (Default.) Bounce user name is MAILER-DAEMON.

bouncehost: (Default.) Bounce host name is

concurrencylocal: (Default.) Local concurrency is 10.

concurrencyremote: (Default.) Remote concurrency is 20.

databytes: (Default.) SMTP DATA limit is 0 bytes.

defaultdomain: Default domain name is

defaulthost: (Default.) Default host name is

doublebouncehost: (Default.) 2B recipient host:

doublebounceto: (Default.) 2B recipient user: postmaster.

envnoathost: (Default.) Presumed domain name is

helohost: (Default.) SMTP client HELO host name is

idhost: (Default.) Message-ID host name is

localiphost: (Default.) Local IP address becomes

Messages for are delivered locally.

me: My name is

percenthack: (Default.) The percent hack is not allowed.

plusdomain: Plus domain name is

qmqpservers: (Default.) No QMQP servers.

queuelifetime: (Default.) Message lifetime in the queue is 604800 seconds.

SMTP clients may send messages to recipients at

morercpthosts: (Default.) No effect.

morercpthosts.cdb: (Default.) No effect.

smtpgreeting: (Default.) SMTP greeting: 220

smtproutes: (Default.) No artificial SMTP routes.

timeoutconnect: (Default.) SMTP client connection timeout is 60 seconds.

timeoutremote: (Default.) SMTP client data timeout is 1200 seconds.

timeoutsmtpd: (Default.) SMTP server data timeout is 1200 seconds.

virtualdomains: (Default.) No virtual domains.

defaultdelivery: I have no idea what this file does.
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