fbsd_user wrote:

And you think that, that's ok?

Somebody messed up big time removing all the LINT comments.

That's totally unacceptable.

Aren't you going to submit an problem report about that.

That's just so stupid it could not have been done with official

There could never be any reason to justify doing that.

If defeats the whole purpose of having the LINT kernel max option
statement file.

You have to point out these blunder by submitting an problem report.

Get on the stick and do your volunteer part in keeping Freebsd what
we all expect it to be.


#1.) FreeBSD is a VOLUNTEER project

#2.) Who made you in charge or deciding what's acceptable and not !

#3.) If you REALLY think it's unacceptable, why not submitt what comments you think should be in there.

And if you are unable to understand the programming at all, then may I suggest that you SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

/ Flame mode off

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