Rob wrote:


How am I ever be able to convince my labmembers that FreeBSD is so much
better than M$-Window$, if they get stuck on FreeBSD already after two
minutes by simply browsing with Mozilla to their favorite webpage?

This bug is biting some Linuxes as well.

Bug 24427 - Get this when visiting the site: "Gtk-WARNING **:
invalid cast from `GtkSuperWin' to `GtkWidget'" <>

Until such time as it's fixed, is Opera the best we
can do?  I guess, but I'm with you ... let's get it fixed...
I am growing quite attached to this dinosaur....

Moreover: how do I get rid of that annoying dialog "Default Plugin",
which asks me to "Click OK to download Plugin." when an unknown plugin is
encountered? This is annoying, because when I click "OK", I get a webpage
telling me that there's no such plugin for my OS.
I want to get rid of this, once and for all. Is that possible?

Dunno on that one. Likely there's a knob somewhere, though... Preferences? Hmm, a quick look doesn't help from here, does it.... :-(



Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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