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On Tue, 02 Mar 2004 11:18:58 +0900
Rob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

How am I ever be able to convince my labmembers that FreeBSD is so
much better than M$-Window$, if they get stuck on FreeBSD already
after two minutes by simply browsing with Mozilla to their favorite

if you think that your collegues, friends etc. can evetually manage FreeBSD on their own in the future then you should tell them that it takes some effort from them too ... to (happily) continue using FreeBSD

I want them to use some Unix flavour, so I can run my own software in the background of their 2.X GHz PCs. We have so much computer power in our lab, but Windows just kills optimized use of it. So I'm trying to get them on to FreeBSD, but if I then also ask them to put extra effort in get simple things going......they turn my offer happily down and continue with Windows.....

And if even I don't get things working properly (flash etc.) then how
can I expect them to do that?

Moreover: how do I get rid of that annoying dialog "Default Plugin",
which asks me to "Click OK to download Plugin." when an unknown plugin
is encountered? This is annoying, because when I click "OK", I get a
webpage telling me that there's no such plugin for my OS.
I want to get rid of this, once and for all. Is that possible?

delete the null-plugin in mozilla's plugin-directory

Oh, yeah, thanks; I'll try that.

you know that if you want flash in your browser in FreeBSD you need to
use the flash-plugin for Linux ?

So can I thus combine: FreeBSD-mozilla + linux-flash-plugin ?

Thanks for your help and comments!

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