Built a new freebsd 4.9 stable machine got it working ok could send and recieve packets and the like. Did a cvsup and make world on it now it does not seem to be sending or recieveing anything. Have been playing around with it now for several weeks off and on. With a fresh reboot it does not seem too send or recieve anything

when i try to ping google.ca i get
cannot resolve google.ca  :host name lookup failure

when i ping my gateway i get
ping: send to: permission denied

Seeing these error i think it must be firewalling everything out even me so I issue the following command.

ipfw add 00100 allow ip from any to any

Great now i can ping google and my own machines also most important i can login remotely.

ipfw shows this
v23# ipfw show
00100 291 27273 allow ip from any to any
65535  77 11673 deny ip from any to any

contents of /etc/resolv.conf are as follows.
search computerking.ca

Contents of my rc.conf file are included below. This machine is eventually going to be a server (sendmail bind apache samba ) for a differnt network so lots of stuff is commented out. I am new at running more than on BSD box on the same network and not sure if i need natd or firewall enabled.

#/etc/rc.conf     @V23.computerking.ca


#Server firewall and natd
#ifconfig_xl0="inet  netmask"
#natd_flags="-f /etc/natd.conf

#============================================================================== # end of file

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