I'm looking for a solution to the following VPN setup:

        FreeBSD server on public IP address
        Private, firewalled office LAN
        "Road warrior" laptop users requiring access to the LAN
        Users are anywhere in the world, possibly behind NAT
        Users run Win2k or XP
        Client software must be minimal, and easy to install and
        It must be reliable
        Minimal budget

Minimal patching and tweaking of server software would be a bonus. I'm prepared to get my hands dirty a little, but something that "just werks" without in-depth knowlege about IPSec and protocols would be good too.

The need for a Windows "pointy-clicky" interface appears to imply use of either L2TP or PPTP. Getting Ipsec working to an XP machine, using Racoon and shared secrets seems to work OK. But I've just wasted a day trying to get either of poptop and l2ptd working. The debugging output is terrible, and I'm not sure if my ppp configs are at all sane.

If anyone has a working Poptop or l2tpd setup, could they possibly give me a look at their config (including ipsec and ppp config)? I think I am missing something, but I'm not sure what.

Alternatively, if anyone has advise on other solutions to this problem (including paying small sums for alternative software/hardware) then I'm all ears.


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