I am configuring a mail server to make use of the DNS-based black lists
supplied by spamhaus.org, and have run into a bit of a snag.

I'm running sendmail 8.12.11, and have successfully configured the
'dnsbl' feature to reject mail from hosts in the black lists, but
spamhaus.org has requested that MTA error messages contain the
descriptive text corresponding to the blacklisted host (e.g.

I've checked sendmail docs for information on how to do this, and
come up with nothing.  I've also looked for the information on the
spamhaus site itself, but to no avail.  Likewise for Google searches.

The black lists themselves are quite helpful, and so I would like to
be in compliance with spamhaus' request.  Any clues would be much

BTW, I hope it's not inappropriate to have posted this to both
-isp and -questions.  Please let me know if I should not have
done so.

Thank you much,

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