I am testing the install on a spare machine and to date no luck. I have
been waiting for a good 5.x series to move from Linux to freeBSD but
guess will have to wait longer. I did some searches on the web but no
one seems to know - maybe it is titled as something else. Not sure if
4.9 would have any problems. The last time I tried it, it did not
detect my WiFi card.


> I recently intsalled FreeBSD 5.2 and of late 5.2.1. On both systems I
> am seeing system freeze when I start X. Here are the two cases:
> On my Dell laptop, X workes fine as long as I don't have ~/.xinitrc.
> But if I start gnome-session through .xinitrc, the box freezes. When
> reboot, FreeBSD goes into an 'entropy harvesting' mode and then asks
> to execute /bin/sh and then run 'fsck'.

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