Are you goofy, sending an virus alert and then say open an
attachment. That's where virus live and get installed from. If you
can not put your complete message in the text of the email body then
this is not for real and gets deleted along with all the other spam
and junk mail.

-----Original Message-----
[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of
Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 9:01 PM
Subject: Email account utilization warning.

Dear user,  the  management of mailing system wants to
let you know  that,

We warn you  about some  attacks on your e-mail  account. Your
computer may
contain  viruses, in  order to  keep your computer and  e-mail
account safe,
please, follow  the instructions.

For further details  see the attach.

The  Management,
   The  team

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