Mark Sams wrote:


I am thinking of getting a FreeBSD dedicated server
that I will only have ssh access to. What is the
normal procedure of keeping up to date with kernel
changes when you do not have console access?

Is it possible to drop into single user mode remotely?

No. At least, not from very far away, not with only one box.

Or is single user mode not necessary for make
installkernel and the like? Does:

buildworld / buildkernel / installkernel
reboot then installworld / mergemaster

work while connected through ssh?

Yes. Quid pro quo ... this is more dangerous if the server is relatively highly trafficked. Also, if the kernel won't boot, you're up a creek.

Hasn't happened to me ever, though.  Now, there
was that time when I forgot to tell BIOS to ignore
the fact that no keyboard was attached ..... :-)

Thank you in advance.


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