> I would suggest that something is wrong.  FreeBSD
> generally doesn't boot into single user mode unless it's either
> told to, or has to.  The most likely probable cause is a bad HDD*,
> but there may be other possibilities.
> What happens after someone does enter the default shell path?  Does
> another reboot cure the problem?  What console messages (if any,
> but there should be some) appear to be abnormal prior to the boot
> prompt?

Usually, another reboot fixes the problem, yes. However, this last time was due to 
some /etc/fstab error, don't have the exact error since the folks at the NOC couldn't 
remember it, I finally got it fixed, not sure how, but the idents wern't in fstab...I 
added them back and it worked for some reason.

I suspect it might drop into single user mode to fsck...but from my experiences with 
the boxes I have here, it does that on a normal boot if it needs to, not single user...

> Kevin Kinsey
> DaleCo, S.P.
> More specifically, bad sectors or whatnot; anything requiring a
> fsck....

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