I've set up a FreeBSD client at our school. The client gets its address
via dhcp from the gateway machine which runs Windows NT (yuch!). There
is apparently a proxy server installed which blocks http, but I can get
out onto the Internet using ssh to login to another server, from where I
run lynx if I want to visit web sites. ftp is not blocked, so I can
download if I need to.

For run, I would like to run an ftp server on this client machine. For
that, I would need to know my real address on the web, but I am not sure
how to find this info. If I run ifconfig, it tells me the following:

  inet addr:

I can safely assume that is an internal address for this
network. I've been pouring through the *BSD documentation I have hoping
to find a command that will tell me the address I occupy on the
Internet, but so far I haven't found anything. I'm sure the answer is
simple, but no joy so far - I'd be grateful if somebody could clue me

A related question...I do realize that my address could change everytime
I fire up the client machine. I'm wondering if I can deal with that by
using dyndns? Remember, this would be for an anonymous ftp server, not

Thanks in advance,
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