Randy Bush <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> >>> I just discoverd that on a machine I recently rebuilt, I have a dead link
> >>> to /usr/share/doc/handbook. Is this not installed now? 
> >> same problem.  and i am a religious cvsupper.
> > cvsup won't help, unless you build the whole thing from sources
> that is what i do.

It would have been appreciated if you'd mentioned that earlier.

> > in which case you would understand it thoroughly from reading the
> > FreeBSD Documentation Project Handbook.
> thoroughly would be quite overly kind to the doc

Then don't build from sources; just download it pre-built.

> > If you are interested in reading it rather than changing it, just
> > download it from the FTP sites as described at the front of the
> > document.
> been there, done that too.  error in jade.  but working on it.
> do you have any actual help, or just prefer sarcasm and put-down?

I was not being sarcastic.  I was suggesting you download the Handbook
from the FTP sites, not cvsup the Handbook's sources.  That would not
involve jade at all, so you clearly didn't comprehend the advice I was
attempting to convey.  

The following two commands would give you an updated copy of the
Handbook in html-split format (you can get any other supported format
in similar fashion):

# fetch 
# tar -C /usr/share/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook -xjf book.html-split.tar.bz2
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