>> or alternatively add this to your /boot/loader.conf
>> snd_ich_load="YES"
>> then run "kldload snd_ich.ko" as root...
>> adding to loader.conf makes the proper sound driver load at boot, the
>> kldload command loads it from the command line so you don't have to
>> reboot.
> Thanks Aaron, that's all I needed to do.  If you don't mind, how does
> a mere mortal determine that the snd_ich.ko is the module for an Intel
> ICH5 82801EB sound chip?

i'm quite sure i figured it out the "long" way.  However, it was quick and
dirty, and should work on any system I think...

1) I installed, xmms (or any program to play audio I think would work)
2) ran a short shell script as follows:

cd $MODULES_DIRECTORY  # /modules on 4.x and /boot/kernel on 5.x
for f in snd_*; do kldload $f; done #this loads every possible sound module

3) play music with xmms
4) while music is playing execute the following:

for f in snd_*; do kldunload $f; done #this unloads all snd modules,
however the one in use fails :)

5) kldstat # to view current loaded modules.

I'm sure I could just have looked it up somewhere, but I'm backwards.

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