On Wednesday 03 March 2004 09:41 am, Brian H wrote:
> sorry for bringing up qmail again.

It's OT on freebsd-questions, so I'm replying privately...

> I am able to get my mail sent to my user account henninb, but i can't
> get mail for root or postmaaster.

Have you read www.lifewithqmail.org?

> I am trying to use qmail with the Maildir protocol.

Maildir is not a protocol, but a different mail storage format (others 
are mbox and /var/spool/mail).

> I read in the documentation that no mail can be sent to the root
> account, but I thought it said you could have it sent there if you
> like. On thing i noticed on my user account is that my ~/.qmail and
> ~alias/qmail-henninb
> file don't do anything either because when I remove them the mail
> still gets delivered to
> my Maildir.

You can *send* mail to root, but it won't be delivered unless you 
arrange for an unprivileged user to pick it up. See below.

> how can i get my ~/.qmail or ~alias/qmail-root file working for root
> and postmaster?

$ echo henninb > /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-root
$ echo henninb > /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-postmaster

should suffice for you. You can safely remove henninb's $HOME/.qmail 
file- if it doesn't exist, mail is delivered to your Maildir (or 
whatever argument to qmail-start is in your startup scripts).

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