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> I have what I hope is a simple question. If I cvsup my sources and
> complete the makeworld and installworld processes, will that install the
> patch, or do I need to apply manually and recompile the kernel? (I have
> been under the impression that doing a cvsup would download and install
> the patch when sources were updated)

So long as you are cvsup'ing one of the branches where the fix has
been applied: that's HEAD, RELENG_5_2, RELENG_4_9, RELENG_4_8 or
RELENG_4, then yes: cvsup, followed by make
{build,install}{world,kernel} will remove the vulnerability.  It seems
that the fix has not been applied to the RELENG_5_1 branch, so
5.1-RELEASE users really should think about upgrading to

You can download the patches as shown in the advisory and apply them
by hand if you really want to, but that should be left to masochists
only as it does pretty well exactly what cvsup'ing does, except it
takes a lot more concentration and has a greater risk of fat-fingering
the keyboard and so shooting yourself in the foot.



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