This is my very first posting on the freebsd-questions mailing list :)

I tried to install a Keyspan USB Serial Adapter model: USA19 on FreeBSD 5.1.
FreeBSD recognizes it with no problem (/var/log/messages)
kernel: ugen0: Keyspan USA-19 serial adapter, rev 1.00/80.01, addr 2

However trying to open /dev/ugen0 a device (Thermometer) connected on the USB Serial port
it says that it can't open it. And yes /dev/ugen0 exists. In fact it's a C program which opens /dev/ugen0.

On Linux (kernel 2.4.22) (/dev/ttyUSB0) it works, but I would like to test it also on FreeBSD.

Any tips/tricks are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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