I am like most of the people that probably email you guys a newbie freebsd'er, 
eventhough I have been playing with fbsd since 4.3....
Anysnootch forgive me for using this to tell you that i have made an edit to 
scsi_da.c, or rather a quirk to get support for my USB memory stick. Its a Philips Key 
Ring (128M) memorystick/mp3player. I am so proud of myself for figuring it out. 
Anyways, it operates much like a MuVo so i basically copied the lines for the MuVo and 
edited till I got mine working. Now in an honest effort to get people to use Philips' 
fantastic devices (eventhough they always play catch-up with alot) I hope you guys 
will add this little edit to the fantastic OS that is FreeBSD. As I too hack around 
with it so I can take my final step away from windows and become full time FreeBSD 
My question is this, I read the manual for send-pr but I'm unclear if I should use 
send-pr for such a minute little edit or if I should it send it to one of you 
programmer geniuses....
Any help is apreciated,

Friso Gorter

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