Good Morning,

I have recently installed FreeBSD 4.9  and have thoroughly enjoyed my first
foray into the BSD world. Indeed my first foray into any non-windows OS. So
far I have encountered quite a few problems but have always managed to find
an answer in the handbook or by searching through the extensive resources
available on the net. Great documentaion! This is the first time I have
needed to ask a question.

My / filesystem is full. 109%. I want to know what is on the / filesystem,
what I can get rid of, how to get rid of it and how to make sure that it
doesn't happen again.

Any thoughts?

For background information: 

The / filesystem is the suggested default of 128mb. The handbook says that
root is generally about 40mb of data and that 100mb should be enough to
allow for future expansion needs, so 128mb should be adequate.

During installation I installed everything, sources, ports, documentation,

I have CVSuped source to RELENG_4_9.

I have CVSuped ports.

I have recompiled the kernel 3 or 4 times.

I have redirected the /tmp directory to /usr/tmp  (these locations are from
memory but you get the idea)

I got a bit carried away installing ports during installation (a kid in a
candy store?) and currently have about 206 installed.

I have been updating ports recently using portupgrade with the recursive
switches -rR. 

At the time the first filesystem full error message was seen I was
portupgrading arts -Rr which was upgrading a lot of other ports as well.
That process stopped with an error message stating that a conflict between
xfmail and qt existed and that qt could not be upgraded untill xfmail was
deinstalled so there may be a lot of working data still on the system. Would
that be on root?

Thanks for your help,

Ron Joordens
Melbourne, Australia

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