Hi all,

I'm experiencing problems with a 4.9 server attached to a NetApp. Some background. There are several Solaris 8 machines connected to it, and (2) FreeBSD 4.9 machines. The Solaris servers and one FreeBSD machine have no issues connecting to the NetApp. However, the 4.9 server in question does. It was configured identically to its' sister 4.9 server. The NetApp in question acts as a mailstore.

Specifically, the problem occurs when our MTA attempts to deliver a message to the mailstore. The spawned process hangs, and this message occurs in /var/log/messages.

Mar 3 16:27:32 mailserve5 /kernel: nfs server not responding

Let me re-iterate that the problem only occurs on the one machine, and it is configured identically to the other FreeBSD server. Here is the appropriate snippet of the /etc/fstab file: /remote/web0 nfs rw,-r=32767,-w=32767,dumbtimer,intr,nfsv3 - -

I have tried udp and nfsv2 to no avail. To debug this I have been using tcpdump and nfsstat, but because the problem is unpredictable, I haven't been able to see the issue occur.

Can anyone suggest something? Either a potential cause or another way to determine the cause..

-- Steve
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