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Ron Joordens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

+> Good Morning,
+> My / filesystem is full. 109%. I want to know what is on the /
filesystem,+> what I can get rid of, how to get rid of it and how to
make sure that it+> doesn't happen again.
+> Any thoughts?

I have some so far.

You put in your subject that /root file system is full and in the body
of your message you put / is full.  These are acutally two different
things.  Are you using the 'root' account to log in to the system?  Are
you installing ports for the 'root' user or another system user (for ex:
your own personal user id)?


+> I got a bit carried away installing ports during installation (a kid
in a+> candy store?) and currently have about 206 installed.

That isn't bad:

([EMAIL PROTECTED]): pkg_info | wc -l               [19:25 :: 004-03-03] 

Would+> that be on root?

Again, this raises red flags to me.  You want to make sure you are using
a different account than 'root'.  You should use su(1) to get to
superuser access.  Read more about it in the documentation.

I could be wrong, I just wanted to clarify.

Glad every thing has been going well.

// Asenchi
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