On Wed, 3 Mar 2004 08:06:51 -0500, bradford fligor wrote:
>  While on vacation last week, I decided to buy an ATI Radeon 9000 video
> card thinking it's got to work.  Well I can't get it to work and can't
> find it on the list of cards during install.  In fact no ATI cards seem
> to be listed.  I should of brought that list with me.  Did I buy an
> incompatible card????
> I did notice on the video card config page one line had something like
> pci:1.0.1......   I know my card goes in an AGP slot not PCI.

The card is fine.  In fact, it is probably an excellent choice.
It is just barely old enough (i.e. out of production long enough :-)
that all recent versions of XFree86 should have no trouble with it.
Even though it is not one of the fastest cards available, it will
almost certainly be more than fast enough for any of your applications.

The XFree86 configuration file should specify the "radeon" driver in
the video card "Device" Section.  You don't have to be more specific.
I don't recall how you do this when running the various XFree86
configuration programs.

Don't worry about the "pci:1.0.1" in the configuration file.  An AGP slot
is in a very practical sense just a mutated PCI slot.  (long story)
In particular, AGP devices have PCI device addresses.

Dan Strick
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