On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 01:30:27AM -0500, HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER wrote:
> >thanks for the answer, but when I had Windows
> >installed, the speaker did work, I mean I was able to
> >hear music, in addition to the beeps.
> I've never heard of the case speaker making anything but beeps.  Either 
> yours is quite unique or you guys are talking about different speakers. 

It is your experience that is quite limited.

>      I think you'll need to add support for the sound card that the 
> speaker is connected to.  Have a look at the case speaker.  I can't see 
> it being connected to a sound card but verify that.  If it (or another 
> case speaker) is in fact connected to sound card, add that device to the 
> kernel.

It is perfectly possible to play music on the case speaker, and this
does not require any sound card. The sound tends to sound like crap
Music (and other sounds) on the built-in speaker was in fact the
standard way of getting music in PC-games back in the Bad Old Days
(early and mid-eighties) when sound cards were a rarity.

Add the line
'pseudo-device speaker'
to your kernel config file to get some limited support for playing
music (see the man-pages for spkr(4) and spkrtest(8) for more info on
this method.)

It is also possible to use the case-speaker as a more generic
audio-output device.

To try this add the line 'device pca0 at isa? port IO_TIMER1' to your
kernel config file, and then use /dev/pcaudio as the output device.
Be aware that this is poorly documented and supported, and I think it
might even have been removed entirely from 5.x

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Erik Trulsson
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