I have a friend who can not get his FreeBSD 5.2 server to act as a
gateway, from the internal network we can ping the external network
card, but no further. From the server we can ping the entire world.

I had him bring it over and set up my server (FreeBSD 4.8R as the
gateway) so I now have:

<ISP>----<My Server>-------<his Server>-------<laptop>

>From the laptop I can ping as far as the external nic on his server.
>From his server I can ping the world.

I have googled, looked at the mailing list, but can not find the problem
:o( I have re installed the server, incase he goofed up, same problem, I
have swapped the external network card, same problem.

Netstat -rn shows the default gateway (as my server) 

In rc.conf it has gateway_enable="YES"

I am out of ideas



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