followup on my question earlier about the warning

inetd[520] ssh/tcp : bind; Address already in use

I only got this message recently, and im sure i didnt do anything about
inetd, also at the start of configuring freebsd, i confirmed sshd should
run from inetd(i think).... anyway is there a way to confirm how sshd
starts up?

[the guy who respondd said sshd might be running out of sshd and consuming
resources i think, i accidentally erased his email]

i man'd inetd and saw that the configuration file was /etc/inetd.conf and
i checked that out...

i only uncommented sshd and ftpd so i don't think i am running sshd out of

can someone explain this baffling error?  its coz of this i can't use web
services from this box, although this box is still providing apache


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