Once again, my question, who should I bugger with this question?

I'm having quite a strange problem with mysql on 5.2.1 (releng_5_2)
mysql-server (40, latest cvs port) keeps on reloading when snort is
When I put on logging, no query reached the engine before the reload. Well,
I put on tcpdump, and guess what I find. only 7 packets. Yes, 3 way
handshake en 4 way teardown. No data passes, and the server is the one
starting the teardown.
So I rebuilded mysql with debug, as per the mysql instructions and guess
what? problem no longer occurs. According to the mysql handbook "If mysqld
stops crashing when you compile it with --with-debug, you have probably
found a compiler bug or a timing bug within MySQL"
Any guess how to tackle this?
Ofcourse running with a debuging mysql is not a good way forward.

Sincerly, Arnoud Buurman

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