Dear list,

I recently got two SUN Fire V100 servers that I thought would make good webservers. I read some hardware compability on FreeBSD website, since I've not set up Sparc before. The FreeBSD website stated that Sun Fire V100 is supported. Guess I got a surprise when I booted the installer and found that neither CDROM or NIC was actually found. Anyone got any suggestions to that? I read some posts suggesting that it was because of several drives or error in nic, but since my Sun Fire V100 got not extra PCI nor got extra drives except CDROM and Harddrive I really didn't think that would be the problem. When just for fun trying OpenBSD both CDrom and Nic booted like a charm. Isn't OpenBSD and FreeBSD Sparc64 project very similar when including hardware or am I totally behind in my beliefs about that?


Daniel Ek

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