Hi everyone,


I've had my FreeBSD 4.9 server running for quite some time now and just
recently I've been having problems with user accounts. The problem first
appeared as I was trying to log into my domain via samba and found the log
entry stating `no such user 'user_name_here'`. Now Proftpd is doing the same
thing. I can access the box via SSH with the same account.


 I've been able to correct my samba logon problem by changing my shell with
vipw from sh to csh and then back to sh again. But Proftpd still refuses any
login. I tried creating a fresh 'test' account and experienced the same
issue. Again; SSH works under all circumstances but any other program
authentication fails with the same log entry:


Mar  4 16:03:07 telzar proftpd[68222]: telzar (hidden[hidden]) - no such
user 'hidden'


At around the same time I started getting the following log entry as well:


[2004/03/04 16:00:27, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(599)  arkain
( Can't change directory to /tmp (Permission denied)






P.S. I'd provide more info but I don't really understand the source of this
problem so feel free to ask away!

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