At 9:37 PM -0500 3/4/04, Robey Holderith wrote:
I'm trying to find a way to set an environmental variable so
that the system will use /usr/tmp or something instead of /tmp
as a temporary directory.

Some utilities will pay attention to the TMPDIR environment variable.

The story is that I was attempting to change the size of /usr
remotely.  I backed up all the data and then copied the bare
necessities over to /tmp then changed fstab so the drive formerly
known as /usr was never mounted and /tmp was mounted as /usr.
Great! it worked... but now su isn't working... because
now /tmp is 755.

However, things that run setuid or setgid will probably avoid looking at environment variables. You may have painted yourself into a corner here, and will need to be at the machine to log in as root.

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