On Thursday,  4 March 2004 at 23:48:05 -0900, Joe Pokupec wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> I'm constantly botching up my fstab file and the system will fail to boot
> correctly. I've learned to create a working fstab and call is fstab.orig
> which I can overwrite the botched file if I end up in Single User Mode...
> I can't find any info on Single User Mode to help me:
> - I use mount -u / to mount the filesystem as read/write
> - I cannot access any editors like vi or pico (my personal) favorite once in
> single user mode... Why?

Probably because the file system on which they're located hasn't been
mounted.  Try:

  # mount /usr

> - I can't use the locate command, because the /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb
> script is not accessible

Same thing.

> - I can't su because this is not a recognized command

In single user mode you should be root.

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