Hi, I can't seem to edit or create files under any other directory other than /usr, 
/var, or /home (and there respective subdirectories) even as root.  i get the error: 
filesystem full.

I have an 80 gig HD and a fresh install of FreeBSD, so i know my hd is not full. 
perhaps this has something to do with the partitioning scheme.  I am new to FreeBSD, 
but I have been a linux user for some time, so i am basically familiar with commands.

I cannot create a new user(tried kuser/ adduser and sysinstall util)
I cannot edit any system files under /etc.
I cannot create any new directories under / and copy anything into them.
in fact, I cannot do anything unless it entails writing to /usr, /var or /home.

Thanks for your help

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