On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Steve Ireland wrote:

> The two interfaces are on different subnets: and
> You need to either add a static route between them
> or change their netmasks to at least a /21.

Huh?  They _must_ be on different subnets.  You can't route one subnet
across multiple network interfaces.  Besides, a router always knows
how to route packets between its own directly-attached networks, no
additional routes are necessary.

The problem here is that a route needs to be added for
-> in the upstream router(s), since the upstream
router(s) do not currently know to send any packets destined for to for delivery.  The upstream router is
currently sending these packets to its own default gateway, which is
likely even further upstream.  IP routers aren't mind-readers, you
have to tell them exactly where to send packets, but usually that is
very simple.

Running a routing protocol (such as RIP) on both the FreeBSD box in
question and the upstream router(s) would automatically add the same
route for you, but that is unnecessary in such a simple network

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