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Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>       Hi,
>       Before I launch into my new DNS server, I thought I'd try
>       Gnome and KDE.  I still do most things in terminals, by
>       CLI rather than GUI.  Here I use ctwm and have my workspaces
>       configured with many xterms/workspace.  I've hand-coded at
>       least three different sized xterms.  Is there a way of having
>       various sized terms in Gnome andor KDE?

Same as under any other window manager... put the mouse over the
window, hold down alt, right-click and drag till you like it. In Xterm
you can easily change the font size by holding down control and right
clicking on it.

>       Another issue is that somehow I lost libintl.so.5.  What
>       builds this library?  I borrowed it from another server;
>       it was in one of the compat libs, IIRC. 

Long Story short... this happens when the gettext got updated... I am
guessing you cvsuped and then did a portupgrade -a or something... You
can fix this quickly by finding the libintl.so.6, iirc the newest one,
and create a sym link pointing to it from libintl.so.5... or you could
recompile all apps that depend on it by doing a portupgrade -rRf

>       The CD's I installed 5.2 from have KDE-3.1.4; for some reason
>       the latest rev of KDE refuses to upgrade.  I was using
>       portupgrade, remotely.  Any idea why 3.2.0 won't install?

What is the error?
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