On Sat, 2004-03-06 at 16:45, Rishi Chopra wrote:
> I have two machines in my loft (a FreeBSD server and a Win2k box) 
> connected via CAT5 crossover cable.
> I connect to the FreeBSD machine via SSH, and use secure file transfer 
> to upload/download from the machine.
> In the last week, the FreeBSD machine has dropped my connection on 3 
> seperate occasions.  I'll queue up some work and leave the machine 
> unattended, only to return at a later time and find that the connection 
> has been closed.
> No one else has physical access to the area when this occurs; can anyone 
> tell me what's going on or what I need to do in order to keep from being 
> disconnected in the future?
> Unfortunately the file transfer client portion of SSH Secure Shell is 
> very poor at resuming queued work, so this is starting to cause me an 
> inconvinience.

I've been having a similar problem, afaict since I moved my server to
5.2-RELEASE from 4.8-RELEASE and to a EPIA 5000 board (from a Pentium

I've not had a disconnection while I've been actively using the
connection but most connections that are left idle get disconnected
after a while (seems to be around 10 to 15 minutes). This happens
consistently at the moment from my development system which can be
running any of 5.2-RELEASE, Windows 98SE or Windows 2000 and has been
seen to occur on another couple of systems. My suspicions currently lie
with the on-board network adapter on the EPIA board using the vr driver
but I have no direct evidence to support it, other than I don't recall
ever seeing it with my old server.


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