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Stephen Liu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> - snip -
> > You can add the fontsize as a parameter when you invoke it, like
> > this:
> >
> > xterm -fn <fontsize>
> >
> > I use 'xterm -fn 9x15' on a high res monitor and set it (along with
> > some other params) in my window manager (blackbox) menu config.
> Hi Ed,
> Where can I find "window manager"?  From 'Control Center' ok KDE?
> # menu config
> menu: Command not found.
> # menuconfig
> menuconfig: Command not found
> Kindly advise.  TIA
> B.R.
> Stephen Liu

You probably can't. As I am using the term, "window manager" is not an
applet but a reference to whatever you happen to be using to control
graphical window behavior on your desktop. It looks like your window
manager is KDE (which also happens to provide other services so is
called a "desktop environment" to denote these additional features). My
window manager is called "blackbox" which has a simple menu
configuration file where I can input a line for xterm and conveniently
call it through an item on a neat little pull-up menu.

For you I would suggest that you create a "shortcut" on your desktop.
You'll need to check with the KDE documentation since I don't actually
use it but it's probably as simple as right-clicking the desktop with
your mouse and choosing "new" or something like that and then through
"properties" type in the full command you want your new shortcut icon
to invoke.

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