Sorry, don't have all of the original message...

I think the newbie you are helping would at first find mandrake more 
informative.  It would let them see all the different parts of a unix type 
OS.  Perhaps a store bought box containing useful books for them.  Then maybe 
a year from now, you can install freebsd.  That way you won't be turned off 
yourself by answering so many little questions.  If it turns out they don't 
like it.  Their will be less time lost...


new DIM version coming out soon(php & mysql instant messenger)
http://dim.whorules.com  could use a little support...:)

> I am curious what some newbies experiences were with FreeBSD who 
> have have no unix experience before.  I have someone that I might be 
> setting up a unix workstation of some kind for and I'm debating 
> whether I should use FreeBSD or some Linux distro like mandrake or 
> debian.  I will be there most of the time to help if needed as this 
> is for work and will not be his home desktop, at least not yet.  He 
> only have some experience with using dos and windoze, but he does 
> have some technical background with computers.
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