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Some of our most frequently asked questions are listed here, so if you
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General FAQ

1. Where can I log into my account?

You can log into your account at  Just enter
your username and password and click on 'Login'. 

If it says 'invalid login', then click on 'Forgot Your Login Info?' to 
retrieve your login id and password.  Chances are, you have forgotten
your password.

2. I have been suspended for spamming, when can my account be re-instated?

You can't reinstate your account if it was suspended for spamming. We are
dead serious about our anti-spam policy found at  If you spammed once, you're out,
and you will lose all your referrals and your uplinks will also lose all
your referrals.  No cash will be paid out.

3. I got spammed by one of your users/members, who should i contact?

Forward the spam email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and instant action will
be taken.

4. What programs do you have active now and how do i make money?

Our currently active get paid programs are:

- Get paid to read your email
- Get paid to shop
- Community Plus

Soon you will start to receive emails pertaining to your 
topic of interest and you'll be paid to read them.  You'll 
also be paid when your referrals read their emails. 
(Please note that your accounting will be added about 
1-2 weeks after you receive your emails.

As for the Community Plus program, you'll start to earn 
generous commissions when you refer a friend to our service 
who also becomes a Community Plus Member.  For more info on 
the Community Plus program, read:

5. If I want to cancel my AllCommunity Membership,
what do I need to do?

Just email [EMAIL PROTECTED] and say 'cancel my membership'. 
Be sure to include your member ID or we won't be able to find you.

Get Paid to Read Email / AllCommunity/Yesmail FAQ

1. How do I know which emails are from AllCommunity/Yesmail?

All paid emails that we send you will contain the following header:

This is an Allcommunity/Yesmail Paid Announcement. To check your 
Allcommunity account balance go to To 
Modify your My.YesMail account, please see *Member Services* below. 

2. I haven't received any emails yet, why?

Please allow up to 30 days before your email is incorporated into our
advertiser database. For some members, this may be as soon as a few days.

3. How many emails will I receive in a month?

This would depend on which interest categories you selected and how often
you clicked on the email offers and how many advertisers we have.

4. I have been receiving emails from yesmail but not getting paid for it

Allow up to 2 weeks between the time you receive your email and your
account to be updated. 

Also, if you have previously signed up to yesmail
before joining Allcommunity, you will not be paid to read those emails. You
will need to re-join allcommunity with a different email address. Remember,
only if the header of your email says 'AllCommunity/Yesmail' will you get
paid for it.

5. Where would the emails be sent to and how do I check them?

The Paid Emails will be sent to the email address you entered when you join
AllCommunity.  You can change this at your Modify Profile page.

6. How do I change my interest categories?

Login to your my.yesmail account at

When you joined AllCommunity, you have been emailed a seperate login and 
password info for your account.

7. If I have additional questions about this paid email program, should
I contact Yesmail or AllCommunity?

You should always contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] for anything related 
to your AllCommunity membership.

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