Chuck McManis wrote:
To put it in perspective, the best way to start USING FreeBSD as opposed to acquiring it to develop with, is probably to by an Apple machine with OS-X installed. All the integration is handled for you. It pains me that there isn't an organization of Apple's caliber providing a complete FreeBSD workstation product that I could load on any machine with a simple install.

Apple has some advantages when writing an OS to run on their own hardware; FreeBSD needs to deal with a much wider variation of hardware than Apple does in terms of both quality and complexity.

I use both MacOS X and FreeBSD on a daily basis; they aren't the same OS nor do they make although knowledge of one is often useful on the other. OS X auto-defaults to installing everything into a single HFS+ partition, which is ideal only in the sense that such an installation avoids having the user make a decision about drive partitioning.

That being said, my point is not to disagree with you so much as to say that if you think the FreeBSD install should behave differently, you've got the sources: make a few changes to streamline the process and see whether other people like them.


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