Hi all folks,

I need to install a fax software to fax text documents.

$ make search name=fax | grep fax
Port:   acfax-0.981011_1
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/acfax
Port:   efax-0.9a-001114a7
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/efax
Port:   gfax-0.5
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/gfax
Port:   ghfaxviewer-0.22.0_2
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/ghfaxviewer
Port:   hylafax-4.1.7
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/hylafax
Port:   tkhylafax-3.2b
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/tkhylafax
Port:   tkscanfax-1.02
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/tkscanfax
Port:   viewfax-2.3
Path:   /usr/ports/comms/viewfax

# which acfax
# which acfax
# which efax
# which gfax
# which ghfaxview
# which hylafx
# which tkhylafax
# which tkscanfax
t# which viewfax
all : Command not found.

I suppose they have not been installed.  Kindly advise which of them is easy 
to config and suitable to fax text document.



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