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Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2004 5:10 PM
Subject: RE: Where is 4.9-STABLE?

> This isn't 4.9-STABLE, of course, but the security patch branch
> of 4.9-RELEASE. Hope this does the job for you all the same.
> If you actually want STABLE, the cvs tag needs to be RELENG_4
> rather than RELENG_4_9.

Thanks. Yes, I already figured this out, and compiled with the RELENG_4 tag.

Yes, I wanted STABLE, because, allegedly, it has support for the Promise
8237 SATA controller I plan to use:


P.S. I added "ports-all" to my supfile; the entire ports tree got deleted;
but I did not get anything back! That was not cool. But I grabbed the entire
tar.gz from the FreeBSD website, and installed it manually again.

Everything seems fine again. Thanks again.

- Mark

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