I'm using a FreeBSD 4.9 machine to connect to an ADSL ethernet modem
(using rl0). With a second NIC (rl1) it serves as a gateway for my other 
machines on the local network using natd. Works fine and as expected. 
A more detailed layout/config can be found at 
http://kayjay.xs4all.nl/connection .

The machine also runs Apache 1.3.29, and it can be accessed without 
problems from 'outside', ie. over the modem/outgoing NIC (rl0). When 
accessing the webserver over the internal network (rl1) however, it doesn't 
always work as I want. I suspect a problem with the Apache configuration 
but the behaviour seems to depend on the browser/OS I use on the machine
(triple boot W2K, -stable, -current) on the local network:

Opera 7.23, -stable: no problem.
Opera 7.23, -current: can't access the server by it's hostname, but
using the IP of rl1 works as long as nothing is appended to the
IP ( works, does *not* work).
Konqueror, -current: no problem (which shows that the problem with
Opera is not a resolver issue, right?). 

I haven't used W2K for a while but AFAIR IE has the same problem as
Opera 7.23 on -current.

Using tcpdump on the server I found that the requests from Opera 7.23 
on -current are answered by the webserver on the outgoing NIC instead of
the local NIC, which obviously causes the problem. The requests from 
Konqueror are properly answered on the local NIC rl1.

So my questions: how to make Opera (my favourite browser) work properly
in -current? Is this a problem with the Apache server configuration, natd 
configuration, browser configuration or something else?

I browsed through the Apache configuration file, the Apache FAQ and
googled for 'Apache multiple NIC' and others but didn't find anything 
relevant. Any pointer appreciated! 

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